Michael HB Raditya (Artikel di dalam Buku)

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Judul Tulisan di dalam Buku: “The Popularisation and Contestation of Dangdut Koplo in the Indonesian Music Industry”

Penulis: Michael HB Raditya

Dari buku: Made in Nusantara: Studies in Popular Music

Editor: Adil Johan dan Mayco A. Santaella

Tahun terbit: 2021

Penerbit: Routledge


Deskripsi Buku:

Made in Nusantara serves as a comprehensive introduction to the history, sociology, ethnography, and musicology of historical and contemporary popular music in maritime Southeast Asia.

Each essay covers major figures, styles, and social contexts of genres of a popular nature in the Nusantara region including Malaysia, Indonesia, Brunei, Singapore, and the Philippines. Through a critical investigation of specific genres and their spaces of performance, production, and consumption, the volume is organised into four thematic areas: 1) issues in Nusantara popular music; 2) history; 3) artists and genres; and 4) national vs. local industries.

Written by scholars working in the region, Made in Nusantara brings local perspectives to the history and analysis of popular music and critically considers conceptualisations developed in the West, rendering it an intriguing read for students and scholars of popular and global music.